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    About us

    Dongguan Zhijie Industrial CO., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangwei Garment Group. Dongguan Guangwei Garment Group was founded in 1992, “Guangwei garment” is a well-known trademark in china. In 2011, Dongguan Guangwei Garment Group made its indoor and outdoor covers and portable bag business independent by setting up a new company called Dongguan Zhijie Industrial CO., Ltd., and registered “GUANGWIN” trademark, striving to serve customers with more professional technology and team service.

    We specialized in designing, producing indoor and outdoor furniture cover, household appliances cover, BBQ grill cover, automobile/ motorcycle cover, yacht cover, portable bag, traveling bag, cloth shopping bag and so on. The factory covers an area of 12,500 square meters.
    Both of our engineers, cutting and sewing technicians in our team have more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. We dedicate to providing customers with professional, personalized and customized service. We can customize the fabric , UV grade, color and sewing craft according to your requirements.
    We have the best full equipped quality inspection system in the industry, setting our own laboratory, will do UV color resistance test, waterproof test, tensile test, wear resistance test, temperature and humidity test, cold resistance test and density checking to all the fabrics. In these ways, we are confident to show our quality assurance to the customers.

    Honorary certificate

    Why choose zhijie?

    • We design and manufacture furniture covers and household appliances covers
    • We will make the sample according to your requirement
    • We will provide you with professional and customized services
    • Strictly produce each link, the key of the whole link
    • Always adhere to the goal of "over 95% of finished products qualified rate"
    Choose zhijie, please rest assured, contact immediately0769-22013626

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    Common problems

    • Mountaineering bags are a more general concept. According to the intensity of outdoor sports, far and load capacity, body bags can be roughly from simple to complex, since the childhood is divided into: daily
    • The ring in the red frame below the bag is called the pickaxe ring and is used to hold the pickaxe together with the elastic band in the red frame above it. The tip of an ice pick passes downwards through the
    • The first piece of advice for you is to avoid carrying heavy loads, let alone hiking with heavy loads, if you have a problem with your lumbar spine. Second, your understanding of the bearing system is flawed,
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